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  • Beauty SleepTox - Cellular Rejevenation & Detox ( For the Body)


    Cell Rejuvenating Body Detox Elixir  ( Applied to the skin, absorbs directly to the cells in 20 seconds )

    Relax into a deep Cell Rejuvenating sleep, while gently Removing Toxins & Rejuvenating your body every night.

    Wake up feeling Rested & Energized with Youthful, Firmer, Gorgeous skin every day. 

    Our Proprietary blend of Ocean Minerals help to Reverse aging by helping your body

    Naturally produce DHEA (Youth & Health Hormone)  without the side effects of synthetic DHEA. 


    . Cellular Rejuvenation, feel healthy & look youthful 

    . Helps you relax & sleep deeply, wake up rested & energized

     .Helps your body Naturally produce DHEA ( Youth & Health Hormone) Without the side effects of Synthetic DHEA

     .Gentle Detox to remove toxins daily, feel good every day

    . Helps to strengthen & cleanse digestive system for healthy glowing skin

    . Helps ease pain, discomfort, worry & stress

    . Helps to reduce PMS & Menopause symptoms 

    How to use. 

    Apply 2-3 pumps to the back of your neck & behind your ears ( tie hair back & gently rub into skin until absorbed )

    Gently rub 2-3 pumps onto your lower tummy to aid digestion & ease pain/discomfort/worry/stress.

    Gently rub 1 pump onto the top of each foot for dark circles/puffiness under the eyes.

    Can be applied anywhere you feel pain or discomfort


    Proprietary Blend of Ultra-Pure

    Micro-Encapsulated Ocean Minerals,          

    Microclustered Energized Aqua,          

    Micro-Encapsulated Organic Sulfur,             

    Coconut Triglycerides. Selenite Crystal.

    We Believe you Deserve Pure Goodness