Pure + Potent + Effective Skincare
  • FaceLift Booster Powder- Targets Saggy Skin, Fine Lines & Wrinkles


    A FRESH APPROACH! Pure and potent active anti-aging ingredients ensure you can have glowing, supple and youthful skin in days!

    Targets Facial Muscles - Firm, Tighten & Strengthen Facial Muscles & Skin.   

    How to use

    Tap gently for a pea sized amount of powder, mix with your serum/cream or for best use with SkinFood Hydrating Elixir. 

    For best results use with SkinFood Hydrating Elixir after applying to help nutrients absorb deeply into Facial muscles, hydrate & plump your skin instantly. 

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    Can be used morning & night. 

    Use 1/2 pea size under the eyes & around eyebrows, do not apply over eye lid as skin is too thin.   


     40% Proprietary Blend Muscel Firming Microcaps Peptides.               . 

    30% Proprietary Blend Muscles Firming  Aminos                     .  

    20% Organic Plant Lipids                      . 

    10%  Hyaluronic Acid    

    We use 100% Pure Anti-Aging ingredients & nothing else.      

    We believe your skin deserves only Pure Goodness!