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  • Beauty SleepTox - Cellular Rejevenation & Detox ( For the Body)


    With the right Minerals & Deep sleep, your body can perform Magic, harmonizing itself into well-being & leaving you glowing & full of everlasting energy.

    Reviews- "I have tried this wonderful product and I have to say it really helps take all my sleep problems away. 

    I drift off into a slumber and feel my body relax and my mind switch off for the day as The Beauty Sleeptox as simply taken my breath away. 
    Highly recommended and definitely something you must try as you will fall asleep so easily and those restless nights well you can say goodbye 😊 Julie

    Relax into a deep Cell Rejuvenating sleep, while gently Detoxing & Rejuvenating your body on a cellular level every night. 

    How do I know if I need Beauty Sleeptox Elixir? 

    Well if you're having difficulty in going to sleep, find that you wake easily or wake before the alarm, you may be low on these key minerals.

    If you get cramps regularly, have aches & pains, Digestive issues, Pms or Menopause symptoms, experience tightness in the neck and shoulders, feel stressed or notice twitches in small muscles

    By far the most noticeable change is sleep quality.

    Wake up feeling Rested & Energized. 

    • Improves sleep
    • Boosts Energy
    • Reduces pain 
    • Relaxes muscles
    • Supports heart 
    • Reduce pms & menopause symptoms 
    • Improves digestion

    Our Proprietary blend of Ocean Minerals help to Reverse aging by helping your body Naturally produce DHEA 

    An excellent means of absorbing critically needed magnesium and essential moisture for cellular regeneration. This liquid solution of magnesium chloride gives immediate delivery and absorption into living cells.

    Magnesium & Your Sleep/Wake Hormones

    Studies have confirmed that magnesium is specifically a part of our biological clock. Its role in our sleep cycle is even further confirmed because of two critical facts:

    1. Magnesium is heavily involved in the hormone crotisol. Not only is it needed for cortisol produciton to keep us awake, but magnesium also reduces stress and helps to lower abnormally high cortisol levels (which otherwise both prevent restorative sleep at night).
    2. Magnesium is required by the human body in order to make the hormone melatonin! Your body makes melatonin from a molecule called serotonin, and this conversion process depends on magnesium.


    . Cellular Rejuvenation, feel healthy & look youthful 

    . Helps you relax & sleep deeply, wake up rested & energized

     .Helps your body Naturally produce DHEA ( Youth & Health Hormone) Without the side effects of Synthetic DHEA

     .Gentle Detox to remove toxins daily, feel good every day

    . Helps to strengthen & cleanse digestive system for healthy glowing skin

    . Helps ease pain, discomfort, worry & stress

    . Helps to reduce PMS & Menopause symptoms 

    How to use. 

    Apply 2-3 pumps to the back of your neck & behind your ears ( tie hair back & gently rub into skin until absorbed )

    Gently rub 2-3 pumps onto your lower tummy to aid digestion & ease pain/discomfort/worry/stress.

    Gently rub 1 pump onto the top of each foot for dark circles/puffiness under the eyes.Can be applied anywhere you feel pain or discomfort.


    Proprietary Blend of Ultra-Pure

    Micro-Encapsulated Ocean Minerals,          

    Microclustered Energized Aqua,          

    Micro-Encapsulated Organic Sulfur,             

    Coconut Triglycerides. Selenite Crystal.

    We Believe you Deserve Pure Goodness