Pure + Potent + Effective Skincare
  • Hydrating Elixir 100ml Cellular Hydration


    Hydrating Elixir rapidly penetrates the surface layers of the skin with a boost of hydrating energy to help provide immediate and long-lasting hydration. 


    • . Cellular Rejuvenation for Youthful, Healthy Skin                     
    •  Reduce Fine lines/Wrinkles         
    •  Reduce Pores & uneven skin tone
    •  Intense Hydration, Healthy Glowing Youthful skin                            
    •  Stimulates DHEA ( Youth hormone) production Naturally

    Intense hydration, micro-clustered water absorbs deeply & plumps up thirsty skin cells to make your complexion drastically more supple and soft.

    Ocean minerals deliver and locks in organic coconut esters for long-lasting hydration while organic sulfur conditions skin surface. Ocean minerals protect skin from aging for youthful, vibrant complexion.

    Selenite crystal & Rose quartz crystals infuse skin with love & soothe and calm irritated & dry skin.


    Our Proprietary blend of Ocean Minerals help to Reverse aging by 

    helping your skin Naturally produce DHEA (Youth & Health Hormone)  

    For Younger, Firmer, Gorgeous skin every day.

    Take a few minutes every day to Pamper & Love Yourself. 

    How to use:

    Mix 1-2 pumps with your Skinfood Booster, to help nutrients absorb deeply into your skin.   

    Press gently into your skin & wait 30 seconds to fully absorb into your skin. 

    Mix 1 pump with your serum/moisturizer to Instantly infuse your skin cells with intense hydration & plump up fine lines/wrinkles from within.
    Can be used to replace your face cream/serum for hydrated soft skin without the heavy feel of moisturizer in the day. 

    Always use an eye cream as well. 

    Apply morning & night & anytime you want a radiant glow. 

    Take a few minutes everyday to Pamper & Love Yourself.