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NEW- Anti-Aging Booster Treatment

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Give beauty sleep a new meaning with our Antioxidant Skin Booster Powder. This beneficial Anti-Aging powder is packed full of proven anti-aging and restorative ingredients like Alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin C (L-Asborbic Acid) & Hyaluronic Acid, which repair fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage & uneven skintone. Just mix a scoop of Boost with your night cream or serum and let its super antioxidant powers brighten your complexion and fight free radicals to help prevent the signs of aging.


  • 🍓 50% Alpha lipoic acid ( Reduce fine lines & wrinkles )
  • 🍋 30% Micro Vitamin C ( Stimulate collagen repair & glowing youthful skin)
  • 💧20% Hyaluronic Acid ( Plump & Fill lines & wrinkles instantly
  • Customise to your unique skin type 

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APPLICATION: In the palm of your hand, mix a scoop (scoop included) of Boost with your cream or serum. If necessary, add a couple of drops of water to help dissolve boost. Smooth over face and let absorb into skin. Suitable for day/night use.

STORAGE: Always keep your Boost tightly closed and out of any area that has excess moisture such as a bathroom where there is a shower. 

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