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  • Youth Booster Powder


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    100% Pure Youth Booster Powder


    • Targets Fine Lines/Wrinkles & Aging skin
    • Revitalises skin tone & texture 
    • Intense Hydration
    • Protects against oxidative cell damage
    • Rebulid's skin damage 

    100% Pure Facelift Booster Powder


    • Firms 
    • Tightens 
    • Strengthens Skin
    • More chiseled & youthful look 
    • Prevents & corrects the loss of elasticity 

    Ideal for

    • Loose saggy skin
    • Thin/damaged skin
    • Normal/dry skin
    • Dull skin

    Area: Face & Neck

    Amount: 1 scoop/ extra half scoop for under eyes

    Frequency: Once a day 

    Duration: 12 weeks

    1. After cleansing skin, use one scoop of powder, mix with your Hydrating Elixir/ cream or serum

    2. Using your fingertips apply to face & neck in the morning

    3. For optimal firming results use with the Hydrating Elixir 

    4. Add extra Hydration to your skin by using the Hydrating Elixir/ Orange Blossom facial mist throughout the day